Popsicle Coloring Pages

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Cool off on a hot summer day with these juicy popsicle coloring pages! We’ve got fruit popsicles, dipped popsicles and even beach popsicles. Looking for a real challenge? Eat a popsicle while you’re drawing – just don’t let any drip onto your masterpiece.

Fruity Popsicles

Watermelon, kiwi, strawberries – oh my! Enjoy these fruity pops.

Whacky Popsicles

Nothing says drawing like a little chaos. Get a little wild with these whacky pops.

Rad Popsicles

Hey man, these pops are righteous, man! Get colorful with these rad pops.

Beach Popsicles

Now that’s an oxymoron if we’re ever heard of one! Hurry and scoop these beach pops before they melt.

Don't Forget The Crayons & Markers

Crayola Pipsqueaks Markers

Crayola Pip-Squeaks Skinnies

These skinnies are perfect for practicing coloring technique and they are washable.

Crayola Crayons

Crayola Bulk Crayon Tub

240 crayons means you don’t have to compromise on color.